Bringing vascular dementia to the forefront of research

Research Project: Disentangling the genetic, pathophysiological and classification complexities of vascular dementia

Lead Investigator: Dr Patrick Kehoe
Institution: University of Bristol
Grant type: Project
Duration: 3 years

This work is generously supported in part by the family of Miriam Frances Clement.

What do we already know?

Vascular dementia affects over 150,000 people in the UK. It is the second most common form of dementia, and yet research into this area is hindered by a lack of consensus on how to describe and diagnose it.

There are no central resources for scientists providing either information on research into vascular dementia or to supply material such as tissue samples for research.

What does this project involve?

Dr Kehoe aims to improve UK vascular dementia resources for both scientists and the public.

His team are developing a standardised process for the diagnosis of vascular dementia. They are conducting systematic reviews to provide accurate information to the public, and to inform scientists of current research priorities.

The team are also creating an online database of genes that have been linked to vascular dementia and will combine all the small collections of biological samples to create a coordinated vascular dementia library.

How will this benefit people with dementia?

This important work will help to bring vascular dementia to the forefront of dementia research, improving the resources available to people with dementia, the public and scientists.

They hope that these valuable resources will galvanise research into vascular dementia.


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