Caring for a person with dementia: A practical guide

If you are the main person supporting someone with dementia, this guide is for you. It will tell you more about their condition and how it can affect them over time.

You may be supporting a partner, friend or family member. You may or may not see yourself as ‘caring for’ them, or think of yourself as their ‘carer’.

Supporting someone with dementia can be a rewarding experience, giving you an opportunity to help someone who is important to you and learn new skills. But we also know that it may be very challenging at times. The information in this booklet is here to support you to care for the person and to look after yourself.

This booklet includes sections on:

  • Understanding the person’s diagnosis 
  • Taking on the caring role 
  • Looking ahead: putting plans in place 
  • Understanding and supporting the person with dementia 
  • Services, support and housing 
  • Managing your finances
  • Supporting a person in the later stages of dementia 
  • End of life care and support 
  • Alzheimer’s Society services and support 
  • Other useful organisations 


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2019: 186 pages, A5

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