Supporting people with dementia to continue their careers

Research project: Co-produced careers guidance intervention for people with dementia.

Lead Investigator: Dr Louise Ritchie 

  • Institution: University of West of Scotland
  • Grant type: Project 
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Amount: £256,695

Why did we fund this research?

Comment from one of our Research Network volunteers:

'This is project is very pertinent and will give long-overdue attention to problems faced by people with dementia.'

Project summary

After a dementia diagnosis, many people are willing and able to continue in their careers but often do not always have the opportunity. Dr Ritchie and her team will develop a tool to empower and support people with dementia, and their employers, so they can continue in their careers.


In the early stages of dementia, many people can remain independent and continue with their careers after they have received a diagnosis. However often people with dementia are not given the opportunity.

What does this project involve?

There is a real lack of support for people who are working when they develop dementia but this research team want to develop and test support for people in these circumstances so they can access support to continue work and make decisions about their careers.

Dr Ritchie and her team will be working with health care and career guidance professionals as well as people with dementia to develop an intervention to do this. Firstly, the team will assess support and guidance that is currently available and then work to develop a new intervention that can be tested and evaluated.

The team are passionate about supporting people to continue with their careers and to support them to make decisions about their employment going forward. 

How will this research help people affected by dementia?

Following a diagnosis, some people with dementia may want to continue with their career. This research is an essential step in ensure that they have the opportunity and support to do so. This intervention will be developed alongside people affected by dementia to ensure it meets their needs. 

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