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Our Innovation team co-creates and accelerates innovative solutions to tackle challenges that transform the day-to-day lives of people affected by dementia.

Life with dementia can come with challenges. We believe innovation can help people to live well with dementia by taking on these challenges together.

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Our innovation projects

We work at speed through our innovation process to understand the challenges faced by people affected by dementia, and work together to design and test solutions in the real world.

  • Physical Activity and dementia

Developing a motivational resource to help people with dementia to be active as part of their day to day lives, as early as possible after diagnosis.

  • Improving hospital discharge

Building a hospital journey tracker to enable families to plan for their loved one’s discharge from hospital.

  • Banking and dementia

Developing a specialist helpline to support Santander customers living with dementia with day-to-day banking.

We partner with companies and organisations that have specialist skills and knowledge to support and run innovation projects.

A response to isolation caused by the COVID crisis for people affected by dementia, in collaboration with Association for Dementia Studies at University of Worcester and the UK Dementia Research Institute’s Care Research and Technology Centre (UK DRI CRT) at Imperial College.

A range of tactile wooden tools to help provide meaningful activity for those living with dementia. Developed in partnership with the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) and manufactured by Active Minds.

Alzheimer's Society Accelerator Programme

Calling all innovators: Do you have an idea that could change lives?

Please note, our next Accelerator Programme round will be open for applications in Autumn 2022.

We are investing in innovations to improve the lives of people affected by dementia through our Accelerator Programme.

We’re offering bespoke innovation support and investment up to a value of £100,000, along with a 12-month partnership.

By backing passionate people with innovative ideas, we’ll bring change to people affected by dementia faster. 

Sense rising distress in people living with dementia (and others who find it difficult to communicate) so their carers can intervene before things escalate.

Turn familiar objects into musical instruments, such as a piano Zimmer frame, or percussive walking sticks, to enable people to engage in meaningful activities and explore playfulness.

  • Start Voice Control

An app designed as an integrated memory prompt and communication support to empower communication.

The new way to care for hearing before the need of hearing aids, challenging and strengthening hearing health, whilst stimulating cognitive health.

Read more about all four of these new, exciting products.

A highly secure, pre-paid debit card and app designed to help families living with dementia to safely manage their daily spending.

  • Konnect by Kraydel

A device that enables easy video calling through the TV.

A soft comforter designed to be cuddled by people living with advanced dementia.

Helping people affected by dementia to live at home, independently for longer using simple smartphone applications.

Bite-size sweets made of 90% water to increase water intake.

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