Dementia information in your language

We have dementia information in languages other than English, to help you get the support you need if you live in the UK.

Whether you’re living with dementia, or concerned about your memory or someone else’s, we have information to help you. Here, you’ll find practical advice and support in different languages.

Get personalised information in your language

Call our support line 0333 150 3456 for information and support. We can arrange an interpreter to talk to you in your language. Call the support line and say your language, end the call and wait. The adviser will then call you back with an interpreter.

If you have speech or hearing difficulties and have a textphone or an adapted computer, you can use Text Relay to call our English-speaking support line on 18001 0300 222 1122.

Dementia Support Line
Our dementia advisers are here for you.

Translate information on this website into other languages 

You can translate health information on this website using an online translator.

While online translators can translate words and phrases, they may not accurately translate the meaning of the information. If you are making decisions about your health, care or finances, always speak with a professional.

Help us improve our resources 

We welcome your feedback about our information. It helps to improve our resources for everyone. Tell us what you think over the phone (0333 150 3456) or by email ([email protected]).

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