Who we are

Alzheimer’s Society is the UK’s leading dementia charity. We campaign for change, fund research to find a cure and support people living with dementia today.

Dementia is the UK’s biggest killer. Someone develops it every three minutes and there’s currently no cure.

We know it is scary facing up to it, but we must confront the biggest health and social care challenge of our time.

Thanks to your support, Alzheimer’s Society is facing dementia head on. Whether you’re a fundraiser, donor, partner, or affected by dementia in any way, we’re working with you to build a movement. Inspired by your voices, we’re leading the way in support, society and research.

We are calling on everyone to unite. Working together we know we will achieve our vision - a world without dementia.

What we do to fight dementia


The problem:

Too many people face dementia alone. People with dementia have told us how difficult it is to find out who to turn to or where to go for information and support.

The solution:

Our wide range of support services ensures nobody should have to face dementia alone.

Our strategic ambition: 

  • By 2022, all people newly diagnosed with dementia will have an offer of support
  • By 2022, people will be able to manage dementia and live better

How we support people affected by dementia

Dementia Connect

Our innovative Dementia Connect service will transform the support people receive and will provide the right support in the best way for each individual person. Combining face-to-face support with telephone and online advice and information offered by specially trained Dementia Advisers.

Our expert Dementia Advisers and trained volunteers are available to speak to by phone or face-to-face. They help people with dementia take back control of their lives and remain independent for longer.

Dementia Connect is currently being tested and will be rolled out over the next few years.

National services

Dementia Connect support line – You can call our support on 0333 150 3456. It is open seven days a week providing information, advice and emotional support to anyone affected by dementia. 

Talking Point – Our online community is a place where you can ask questions, share experiences and get information and practical tips on living with dementia. It’s free to use, open 24 hours a day and all you need is an internet connection. 

Find support near you – Our comprehensive directory allows you to find advice and information support services. Simply enter your postcode or location.

Group services

We provide a range of support services to help people affected by dementia find the right support, advice and information, at the right time. Our group services:

  • Improve confidence and motivation 
  • Provide reassurance
  • Allow people affected by dementia to get advice and information from our experienced staff 

We work towards ensuring people continue to benefit from our group services like Dementia Cafés and Singing for the Brain.

Get support

If you or someone you know are worried about or affected by dementia, we are here for you.
Get advice on a range of topics and find support near you.

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The problem:

Right now, the cracks in our health and social care system are growing. There is a lack of understanding about dementia or how urgent the situation is.

The solution:

We will fight for a future where nobody affected by dementia is excluded from their community or denied the care or support they deserve.

Our strategic ambition: 

  • By 2022, the public are aware of the challenges posed by dementia
  • By 2022, people affected by dementia are in control and able to make choices about the care and support they access

How we are changing society for the better

We are calling on the Department of Health and Social Care and NHS England to Fix Dementia Care. We need them to commit to invest in tackling the social care crisis to give people with dementia a fair deal.

We are campaigning nationally and locally to get dementia to the top of the agenda in government.

Positive social movements, such as Dementia Friends and Dementia Friendly Communities, are sweeping the country. They help our society to become more inclusive for people with dementia.

Get involved

There are lots of ways to join the fight against dementia.
Find out how you can help, from donations and fundraising to volunteering, campaigns and more.

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The problem:

There hasn’t been a new drug for dementia introduced in 15 years. The drugs that exist can’t slow dementia down or stop it from getting worse. There is no way to prevent dementia and there is no cure yet.

The solution:

Dementia is caused by diseases of the brain. This means, through research, we will beat it.

Our strategic ambition: 

  • By 2022, relevant research into cure, care and prevention is generated
  • By 2022, research findings are translated into improved care, treatment and information

We are investing more money than ever in dementia research and attracting more talented researchers to the field.

How we will find a cure and improve care

Our research Centres of Excellence focus on themes that really matter to people living with dementia – such as the best ways to support people after a diagnosis and how to live well with dementia. 

We’re a founding funder of the UK Dementia Research Institute (UK DRI). It will bring together over 400 scientists to study underlying causes and develop treatments. The UK DRI will also lead ambitious care and technology research programmes.

Our Drug Discovery programme investigates treatments by repurposing drugs used for other conditions. This has the potential to make dementia treatments available much quicker and for much cheaper.

Our research

Alzheimer’s Society funds research into the cause, cure, care and prevention of dementia.
We are dedicated to defeating dementia through research.

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