Making your home dementia friendly

Read a booklet about practical ways to make your home more dementia friendly.

This booklet describes some of the ways to create a home that supports you as a person with dementia. Each section covers a different aspect of living at home.

The sections list practical tips to make managing dementia at home easier. For some of these you may need help and support from friends, family members or health and social care professionals. 

If you have dementia, living at home can give you more independence. By making some changes to your home, you can continue to enjoy it, and keep up routines and activities that are familiar to you. These changes can help you to stay safe, physically active, mentally stimulated and in touch with friends and family. 

Everyone experiences dementia in their own way. You may need to try some of the ideas out to see what works best for you. 

Code 819

2020: 36 pages, A5