Using technology to help with everyday life

Find out what the benefits and difficulties of assistive technology are for a person with dementia.

Using technology to help with everyday life
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Using technology in your everyday life can help you to maintain your independence, keep safe, and stay active and involved. Technology used in this way is known as ‘assistive technology’. You may already use technology to help you do things, and you might want to try new types of technology too.

This information tells you about different ways you can use assistive technology in your everyday life, and how others might be able to use it to support you. It also explains some of the benefits as well as things to be aware of when using assistive technology.

There are many different ways technology can help you to live well with dementia. This information mainly covers electronic ‘assistive technology’ that may be useful. For information about non-electronic items such as calendars, noticeboards, or sticky notes see The memory handbook.

Some items designed for problems with mobility, continence, sight and hearing are also known as assistive technology, such as mobility aids and pressure relief mattresses. These aren’t covered in these pages.

For more information about any of these see Using equipment and making adaptations at home.

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