Innovation product portfolio

Together, we co-create, search for and accelerate the best new and innovative solutions to provide help and hope for people living with dementia. Check out our product portfolio below, made up of innovations that are available to people living with dementia now.

Innovation products

People living with dementia are integral to the way we work in innovation. We are led by the priorities of people living with dementia, learn from their experiences and ultimately measure success by the difference we make to their lives. 

Our Accelerator programme and Sprints have allowed us to work at pace to develop, co-design and test innovative products for people living with dementia and their carers, and finally get them to market. Below is our product portfolio made up of innovations that are available to people living with dementia now.

Products from our Accelerator Programme

Jelly Drops are sugar free sweets which are 95% water with added electrolytes. Inventor Lewis Hornby was inspired to create water sweets after his grandma Pat, who had dementia, was struggling to hydrate. They are solid all the way through which makes them easy to pick up, but they break up easily in the mouth – an ideal solution for people with cognitive issues. 

Jelly Drops are available from the Jelly Drops website starting from £7.95.

Jelly drop

HUG™ is a soft comforter designed to be cuddled. It has weighted limbs and a soft body that contains a simulated beating heart and music player that can be programmed to play a persons’ favourite music. Research has shown HUG can improve a person’s quality of life by reducing anxiety, agitation and enhancing social interaction.

HUG™ is available from our Alzheimer's Society online shop for £150. 

Hearing loss is more serious than many people realise, and often missed or dismissed as a problem for older people. eargym are making it possible to improve your hearing skills through fun and immersive games, as well as education and regular check-ups. 

Download the Premium eargym app for £9.99 or start using the basic features for free


Sibstar allows people with dementia to remain financially independent whilst offering advanced financial security not available from existing banks. Sibstar gives families a simple way of accessing and managing day-to-day money whilst ensuring it remains protected and secure. 

Download the app today by searching 'Sibstar' on the App store or Google play for £4.99 per month.


Recreo VR enhances the mental and social well-being of individuals in care through personalised VR content and easy to use headsets. Their VR content helps people living with dementia reconnect with the outside world.

The headset is available to purchase, but is still being tested as part of the Accelerator partnership. Contact the Innovation team to find out more on how to start using this product. Go to the website and book a free consultation here 

Recreo VR

The pobroll® is a totally waterproofed luxury bed-bathing wrap designed to improve the user and carer experience of the bed bath by enhancing the level of comfort, dignity and respect of the person with dementia. The smart-yet-simple design allows for person-centred care, combatting some of the stress associated with the bed bath by keeping the bed dry and the individual warm, and respectfully covered during personal washing and bathing on the bed. 

The Pobroll®  is available to purchase, but still being tested as part of the Accelerator partnership. Contact the Innovation team to find out more on how to start using this product. Go to the website to purchase here


Products from Innovation sprints

Lift the Lid is a workshop in a box to help care homes break the taboo around the sex and intimacy needs of people with dementia. It is for all care home staff, regardless of seniority or role. It can be run as one session of two to three hours, facilitated by a home manager or senior member of the care team, or split into three parts. It can also support care homes to achieve ‘Outstanding’ ratings, as it demonstrates commitment to diversity, inclusion, human rights, innovation, quality and responsiveness. Lift the Lid was co-create with input from the care sector and people affected by dementia.

Lift the Lid is available from our Alzheimer's Society online shop for £38.

Lift the Lid

The Feel Good Folder is a step-by-step guide to becoming active for people affected by dementia. This has been co-created to help people affected by dementia be more active as part of their day to day lives, as early as possible after diagnosis. It includes:

- Why be active: health information on the benefits of being active 
- Getting started: Behaviour change activities to help to think about why they’d like to become more active
- Tracking your progress: guidance to support
- Feel Good Activity Wallchart: a visual way to track progress 
- Movement Deck: cards which provide activity inspiration

The Feel Good Folder is available on our Alzheimer's Society online shop for £12.99.

Feel Good Folder

Fidget Widget are shown to reduce agitation in people living with more advanced dementia. These are specially designed to use touch, feel and repetitive movements, each with a particular motion; spin, slide, twist, turn and roll, are intended to be unrecognisable, removing any need to rely on memory or words to use them. 

Fidget Widget products are available to purchase from our Alzheimer's Society online shop for £69.99 (complete Toolkit, single widgets sold separately also).


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