Campaigning for quality social care for people affected by dementia

For too long, poor social care has been one of the biggest issues facing people affected by dementia. It has a significant and detrimental effect on their quality of life.

‘At the time I felt like I'd let my dad down, but with hindsight I can see that I was trying to navigate a system that was not there to support me.’

- Karen, who lost her dad to Alzheimer's disease

Watch our three minute video with Karen and others explaining how the social care system is failing;

Our flawed social care system means that nearly a million UK families affected by dementia are struggling to care for their loved ones with the dignity and support they deserve. Decades of under-funding have led to a system that’s difficult to access, costly, inadequate and unfair.

That’s why we campaign for good quality social care, that’s free and easy to access, no matter where someone lives.

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We are campaigning for social care reform because: 

  1. People affected by dementia must be able to live the life they want, with greater independence, choice and control. 
  2. Social care must be of the highest quality and better meet the individual needs of people affected by dementia. 
  3. Social care must be free at the point of use and easy to access for all people affected by dementia. 

Fix Dementia Care

Our campaign for better dementia care as part of social care reform was previously known as Fix Dementia Care, which was largely focused on the unfair costs of care and the need for a Dementia Fund.

We know that people with dementia face three main challenges with their social care;

  • A struggle to access the care they need
  • Catastrophic costs to pay for care
  • People often receive poor quality care that doesn’t meet their needs or provide effective outcomes. 

Listening to people affected by dementia, we know that social care reform must also include a greater ambition around the quality of care and support people can access.

We want to see a social care system that is fit for the future; one that is there for people affected by dementia, at the right time, in the right way.

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