Current Implementation and Dissemination grants

We support researchers through our dissemination grants to share their research with other experts in the field and people affected by dementia.

Implementation grants

Supporting end of life decision-making in care homes

Lead Investigator: Professor Kevin Brazil

Institution: Queen’s University Belfast

Grant awarded: 2018/2019

Theme: end of life care, care homes 


Beyond the Margins: Accessing support in the community

Lead Investigator: Professor Charlotte Clarke

Institution: University of Edinburgh

Grant awarded: 2018/2019

Themes: community care


Increasing the availability of cognitive rehabilitation therapy to help people with early-stage dementia maintain their independence

Lead Investigator: Professor Linda Clare

Institution: University of Exeter

Grant awarded: 2016/2017

Themes: Living well with dementia; implementation; daily living


Increasing the implementation of START - a psychological therapy for anxiety and depression in family carers of people with dementia 

Lead Investigator: Professor Gill Livingston

Institution: University College London

Grant awarded: 2016/2017

Themes: Caring for carers; implementation 


Helping UK-based care homes to provide better care for people with advanced dementia

Lead Investigator: Professor Dawn Brooker 

Institution: University of Worcester

Grant awarded: 2015/2016

Themes: Care; implementation; care homes


Helping people with learning disabilities to access non-drug treatments for dementia symptoms

Lead Investigator: Dr Karen Watchman

Institution: University of Stirling

Grant awarded: 2015/2016

Themes: Care; implementaiton; learning disabilities

Dissemination grants

Let’s talk: Identifying support required for people with Lewy body dementia

Lead Investigator: Ms Alison Bentley

Institution: Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation trust

Grant awarded: 2016/2017

Themes: Lewy body dementia; care; support


Everybody’s business: guides to support people with dementia in the workplace

Lead Investigator: Dr Louise Ritchie 

Institution: University of the West of Scotland

Grant awarded: 2016/2017

Themes: Care; support; dementia-friendly working


In It Together: bringing together researchers and healthcare professionals to discuss advances in brain imaging techniques

Lead Investigator: Dr Claudia Metzler-Baddeley

Institution: Cardiff University

Grant awarded: 2016/2017

Themes: Brain imaging; sharing expertise