Care, services and public health research funding stream

Find out what scope of research is considered by our Care, services and public health research funding stream.

The scope of research to be considered by this funding stream includes:

  • Research focused on identifying or modifying novel or established lifestyle risk factors for dementia.
  • Research that predominantly seeks to understand the burden of dementia at an individual or population level.
  • Psychological, social or assistive technology interventions focused at improving the care, support or management of people with dementia or those affected by dementia.
  • Research concerning quality of life of those affected by dementia.
  • Research to investigate models of service delivery in primary care, care homes and hospitals.
  • Research into end of life care and delivery.
  • Evidence synthesis or systematic reviews related to the management of people with dementia.

As a general guide, research that meets the following criteria would be considered by the Prevention, Care and Services research funding stream:

  • Research that is relevant to dementia research, and would otherwise be within the remit of the usual calls of the AHRC or ESRC.
  • Research that addresses priorities set by Research Network Volunteers as 'Challenges facing primary carers of people with dementia: opportunities for research'.

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