Clinical training partnerships

Are you a clinical academic wanting to increase the number of clinicians and health care professionals in dementia research? Our Alzheimer’s Society Clinical Training Partnerships are available for institutions with the capacity and infrastructure to support multiple clinical PhD candidates.

Grant open for outline submission on 27 June 2022 

Key dates and deadlines for research grant applications:

15 Aug ’22

Outline submission deadline

12 Sep ’22

Shortlisted applicants invited to submit full proposal 

03 Nov ’22

Full application submission deadline 

Mar ’23

Funding outcome

Clinical academics with institutional support can apply for up to three fellowships for clinicians or healthcare professionals to undertake a PhD. 

This scheme aims to work in partnership with institutions that wish to increase the numbers of clinicians and healthcare professionals working in the field of dementia. We wish to work with institutions that have high-quality research ideas, to attract outstanding clinicians or practitioners to undertake dementia research. 

We recognise that many practising clinicians or practitioners have difficulties finding time to apply directly for funding themselves. This training partnership scheme is designed to allow prospective supervisors to apply for the funding of multiple projects and appoint the fellows after the application is funded. 


Alzheimer’s Society funding is intended to cover up to 50% of the total cost of each fellow and a maximum of £150,000 can be requested for each post. The remaining funding should be available from other sources. 

Applicants may apply for research costs to support their project/projects. This can include: 

  • Reasonable salary for the fellow 
  • University PhD fees at UK rates 
  • Research costs 
  • Part-time technician or administrative support 
  • Career development (including conference attendance, training, lab visits, travel) 

Two or three fellowships can be applied for in any application. 

  • Applications requesting three fellowships can apply for up to £450,000 
  • Applications requesting two fellowships can apply for up to £300,000 

See applicant guidance for more details. All costs must be justified.  


Clinical academics with institutional support can apply for two or three fellowships for clinicians or healthcare professionals (e.g. nurses or allied health professionals) to undertake a PhD. Funding is available for three years full time or four years part-time.  

For full eligibility criteria, please check our Applicant Guidance.


Alzheimer’s Society funds cutting-edge research into dementia. Applications are accepted for research projects addressing key unanswered questions within the dementia field.  

Applicants should consider how their project can contribute to Alzheimer’s Society’s strategy and research mission

Applicants must explain how their project contributes to the dementia field within these themes as alignment to our mission is incorporated into our scoring system at review. 

How to apply 

Learn about our application process

Any questions? 

Please send an email to our grants team at [email protected]

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