Project grants

Project grants are for more established researchers and provide funding for world-class dementia research. 


Funding is available for up to three years providing budgets for staff salary, consumables and equipment. All costs must be justified.

Applicants may apply for direct research costs up to £400,000 over 36 months to support their research.


  • Project grants must be held at a UK based University, NHS site or other recognised higher research institution.
  • Principal investigators should have a contract of employment with the host university that exceeds the planned finish date of the research by at least 12 months.


Applications can be made for research projects which fit within our funding remit, which is organised into two streams:

How to apply

All applications which fulfill the eligibility criteria will be scientifically peer reviewed and lay reviewed by research network volunteers.  These reviews along with the application will then be considered by our Grant Advisory Boards. Feedback is provided to all applicants.

                                       Apply for a research grant 

Any questions?

Please contact our grants team at [email protected]

Previous outcomes

 Year No. of applications received   No. of awards made
 2019-20 54 11 (20%)
 2018-19 63 11 (18%)
 2017-18 55  8 (15%)
 2016-17 (only one round of care projects available)  55  8 (15%)
 2015-16 79  13 (16%) 
 2014-15 39   9 (23%)