Biomedical funding stream

Alzheimer’s Society has a long and proud history of supporting biomedical research since our first research grants in 1990. Find out what scope of research is considered by our Biomedical research funding stream.

Our Research Delivery Plan gives details of how we plan to transform the lives of people affected by dementia through research.

Alzheimer's Society will be prioritising research with a high relevance to dementia in people, and clear routes to potential benefit for people affected by the condition.

We fund research in to all forms of dementia, including studies that address pre-symptomatic or ‘at risk’ stages of the disease. 

Researchers applying to our biomedical funding stream using model systems should be able to demonstrate the relevance of these systems to human disease.


The scope of research to be considered under this funding stream includes:

  • Preclinical, translational and clinical research into the causes of any form of dementia and associated symptoms.
  • Research on post-mortem brain tissue, including those that have been collected from the Brains for Research programme.
  • Discovery and validation of biomarkers (including fluid, neuroimaging, cognitive and other less established modalities) in research and clinic settings to be utilised in diagnosis or monitoring of disease progression.
  • Neuropsychology
  • Medical approaches to symptom management
  • Clinical observational and interventional studies, including clinical trials.
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Please also check the remit of the Care, Implementation and Public Health funding stream.

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