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Find out what Alzheimer's Society has achieved with your support through our successful campaigns across the UK.

Fix Dementia Care 

Thanks to your support for the Fix Dementia Care campaign, here is what we have achieved since the launch of the campaign.

Campaigners hold Fix Dementia Care sign outside parliament

112,752 people sign our letter to parliament

In September 2019, our campaigners, Nimisha and Namrata, delivered a letter to parliament calling on the Prime Minister to address the issues in the social care system for people with dementia as a matter of urgency. The letter was signed by an incredible 112,752 members of the public, showing just how important this issue is to people across the country. 

We also met with the Prime Minister himself to put the case for dementia care and the urgent need for reform to him personally. This is a great step forward for the campaign, and getting to speak directly to the new Prime Minister about the issues that affect people with dementia everyday was an opportunity that cannot be underestimated.

Overall, the day was a huge success, and a big win for our Fix Dementia Care campaign in terms of ensuring that dementia care gets the attention and publicity it deserves, both in terms of public and political attention. 

Fix Dementia Care in parliament

In July we hosted a photo exhibition in Parliament to highlight the real stories behind the dementia care crisis. Twelve families affected by dementia featured in the exhibition, and many of them also attended the event to speak to MPs about their experience in accessing care.

We were well supported by our campaigners, with 3,500 emails sent to MPs in advance of the event asking them to attend. This meant the event itself was well attended, with around 120 MPs joining us, including Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock MP, Jon Ashworth MP (Shadow Health Secretary) and Barbara Keeley (Shadow Care Minister).

At the event we encouraged MPs sign a letter to Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson calling for the new PM to make dementia a priority and that the dementia care crisis is addressed in the Comprehensive Spending Review. The letter was signed by an incredible 94 MPs including former Cabinet Minister Andrea Leadsom, and shadow frontbenchers Andrew Gwynne, Cat Smith and Paula Sherriff.

Matt Hancock MP supporting Fix Dementia Care

Matt Hancock MP backs Fix Dementia Care

We are closer than ever to putting an end to unfair charging of care homes

20,000 people signed our petition to Jeremy Hunt calling on him to end unfair charging of care homes. We delivered our petition and met with David Mowat MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary for Community Health & Social Care to discuss our recommendations. 

Since then, we've spoken to NHS England and the British Medical Association to resolve the issue once and for all. By working with the government, NHS England and the BMA we're sure that those charges will be a thing of the past really soon.

A cross-party parliamentary committee backed our recommendations to end unsafe discharge from hospitals   

Our Hospitals report, launched earlier this year, highlighted how thousands of people with dementia are being discharged from hospitals between the hours of 11pm and 6am each year. 

A committee made up of parliamentarians from Labour, Conservative and Scottish National Party discussed our recommendations in September and concluded that night discharges between 11pm and 6am are "potentially dangerous" for patients and called on the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, to take action.

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We are leading the development of a hospital annual dementia statement

10,000 people emailed Simon Stevens, the CEO of NHS England, calling on him to make sure all hospitals publish an annual dementia statement.

Thanks to overwhelming support for the campaign, Simon Stevens replied to us:

'NHS England will be encouraging trusts to publish an annual dementia statement, to set out the quality of the care they provide. Additionally, we are exploring, with the Department of Health, ways in which we could require hospitals to publish an annual dementia statement.'

Read the letter Simon Stevens sent to us

Alzheimer's Society is now working with NHS England and other stakeholders to develop a statement. 

Right to Know 

The Right to Know campaign called on the Government to guarantee that everyone with dementia has their right to know about their condition respected. 

Thanks to our supporters help and our advocacy work, the Government improved diagnosis rates to 66.9%, an increase of over 15%! We will keep working to get a diagnosis for everyone who is affected by dementia.

45,000 reasons campaign 

Petition submission

As a result of the huge support for the 45,000 reasons campaign, the Welsh Government is now committed to a new dementia strategy!

6,000 supporters signed the petition, calling for a national dementia strategy for Wales. Now we will work with the new Government to develop a dementia strategy that will radically improve the lives of people in Wales affected by dementia.

20,000 reasons campaign 

I'm signing the Open Letter

The public support for our 20,000 reasons campaign in Northern Ireland opened the door for conversations with the Government to put dementia in the new Programme for Government.

This is thanks to the nearly 1,500 supporters who signed our open letter to the Minister!

After a year of campaigning the Minister for Health (now leader of Sinn Fein), Michelle O'Neill, received our letter.

Michelle O'Neill

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