Dementia information for councillors and elected representatives

Find out how dementia affects people in your local area. You can also join our councillors network for access to regular updates, resources and more.

1 in 3 people born in the UK will develop dementia. Dementia is a medical condition that affects every part of society.

As a locally elected representative we want to help you ensure your residents have access to be the best medical care and support. 

Alzheimer’s Society is here to support you in understanding the impact of dementia and why dementia services should be prioritised. 

  • We can provide support with up to date dementia-related statistics in your area. You can also access our Local Dementia Statistics interactive tool.
  • We regularly publish policy documents and research that highlight the impact of dementia and service recommendations. These are accompanied by local briefing papers.
  • We provide advice and resources to councils across England, Wales and Northern Ireland to review local dementia strategies and action plans.  
  • We can support elected representatives in calls for scrutiny reviews and motions on dementia. 

Councillor Briefing 

We believe councillors have a crucial role in improving the lives of people living with dementia.

Our Councillor briefing gives an overview of what dementia is and what we want to see from local systems and services. The briefing also stats how we can support you to ask questions of your local system and respond to questions from residents. 

Alzheimer’s Society Councillor Network 

The Councillor Network provides access to bespoke webinars, briefings and online events. Members will receive regular updates useful to their role as a local Councillor.

Join the Councillor Network 

Upcoming events 

  • Councillor Network Webinar Series: October 2023
    Further details to be shared in due course.

Past events

  • Councillor Network Webinar Series: July 2023
    Thank you to everyone who attended our webinar which covered dementia myth-busting, the dementia journey and how best to talk with a person living with dementia. 
  • LGA Annual Conference and Exhibition, 4-6 July 2023
    Alzheimer’s Society had a stand at the conference. Colleagues talked to delegates about the importance of dementia and how they can support local residents living with this chronic disease. 

Contact your Local Influencing Officer 

Our Local Influencing Officers are happy to work with you, providing you with resources, reports and information on dementia. Contact us at [email protected].