Influencing local government

Alzheimer's Society works with local decision-makers to make sure the voices of people affected by dementia are heard. Find out how you can help influence change in your area.

Local authorities have a key role in developing the way that services are provided to people affected by dementia.  

They make vital decisions on how to allocate resources, and how those resources will support people living with dementia.

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Why do we work with local government?

Dementia affects around 900,000 people across the UK. Within the next 20 years, this number will rise to 1.6 million people.

Local government plays a crucial role in ensuring people receive the support they need to live well with dementia. 

The national target for dementia diagnosis rates is 66.7%. As of January 2023, it was at 62%.

The Covid-19 pandemic, isolation and the temporary closure of support services resulted in many families struggling alone. And while many areas are back to pre-pandemic diagnosis rates, there is still more work to do. 

The introduction of Integrated Care Systems (ICS) across England in July 2022 has provided additional opportunities to demonstrate the need for joined up, personalised care and why dementia as a terminal disease needs to be included within ICS forward plans. 

Who do we work with?

As well as elected officials, we engage with local government officers, members of integrated care boards (ICBs) and integrated care partnerships (ICPs), and other local local partners delivering health and social care. 

Our overall aim is to influence policies that support people living with dementia, their family and friends.  

We also support individuals to share their experiences with decision-makers to improve the care and support they need to live well with dementia.  

By working with local government, we want to ensure everyone can:

  • Access a timely diagnosis.
  • Receive appropriate information and advice about local support services.
  • Receive ongoing personalised support.
How to make your voice heard

Taking part in local elections and challenging candidates to support our calls to action can be very powerful. Council and Mayoral elections take place in various parts of the country every May.

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