Influencing local government

Alzheimer's Society works with local decision-makers to make sure the voices of people affected by dementia are heard. Find out how you can help influence change in your area.

Local authorities have a key role in developing the way that services are provided to people affected by dementia.  

They make vital decisions on how to allocate resources, and how those resources will support people living with dementia.

How do we work with local government?

We engage with local councillors, local government officers, and local health and social care partners to influence policies that better support people living with the condition and those who care for them. 

We work to make sure health and social care services are more joined up and easier to access for people affected by dementia.  

We also support individuals to share their experiences with decision-makers to improve the care and support they need to live well with dementia.  

By working with local government, we make sure that everyone can

  • access a timely diagnosis
  • receive appropriate information and advice about local support services
  • get personalised support

How you can make your voice heard

Local Elections 2021 

Local elections are taking place across England and Wales on Thursday 6 May 2021.   

This is your chance to make sure your local authority reflects your values. You can help to make sure your councillor candidates know you want them to prioritise support for people with dementia.  

Is your council holding an election?

You can find out if your council is holding elections on the electoral commission's website. Enter your postcode to see local elections near you.

Find out now

If you get the opportunity to talk to any of your local candidates, please consider asking for their support on key issues affecting people living with dementia. 

Questions to ask your local candidates

  • People with dementia have been worst hit by the coronavirus pandemic. Will you commit to supporting your council’s recovery plans and ensure they prioritise people affected by dementia? 
  • Access to services for people with memory concerns and dementia can be very confusing. Will you commit to supporting the need for greater personalised care
  • How will you work within the local authority to ensure improved access to social care for people affected by dementia?

Make sure you are registered to vote

To take part in the local elections you must be registered to vote. This is a quick process. You can register online or find out about alternative ways to register on

Postal and proxy voting

With Covid-19 still having an impact, it is vital that you vote safely. If you don’t feel able to go to the polling station, you can vote securely by post, or you can nominate someone to vote by proxy for you.  

Find out about voting options and registration deadlines.

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