Living with dementia - Employment

Our Employment guide is part of a series of nine booklets that have been written for people with dementia. Download a copy or place your order here.

Receiving a diagnosis of dementia can be difficult to accept if you are still working. However, dementia affects everyone differently and a diagnosis doesn't necessarily mean that you have to give up your job. In fact, it may be better for your physical and emotional wellbeing to carry on for as long as you are happy or able to do so.

You may have a mortgage to pay off or children to support. The type of work you do will also affect your decision. It is difficult to predict how long you will be able to keep working, but early diagnosis and medication can help you stay in work for longer.

This booklet outlines the issues you may face and suggests ways of coping so that you can continue working if you want to. It also looks at the legal position and other issues that may arise for you and your employer.

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2016: 12 pages, A5

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