Living with dementia - Managing your money

Some people with dementia may find it hard to deal with money. Our guide on managing money is part of a series of nine booklets that have been written for people with dementia. Download a digital copy or order a printed version of the booklet here. 

When you have dementia you may find you have problems with memory, thinking and concentration. This can make different aspects of dealing with money difficult. For example you may forget to pay bills. Or you might find it hard to work out how much money you need to pay for something, or to recognise different notes or coins. This booklet includes some ideas for things you can do to make it easier to manage your money.

It can also be helpful to think about managing your money in the future. While you might find it hard to think ahead too much, it can help to be prepared. For example there may come a time when you need to ask someone to manage your money for you. This booklet outlines some aspects to think about and where to start with these.

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2019: 40 pages, A5

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