Living with dementia - Planning ahead

Making plans for the future can be helpful for people with dementia and their carers. Our guide on planning ahead is part of a series of nine booklets that have been written for people with dementia. Download a digital copy or order a printed version of the booklet here.

If you have been diagnosed with dementia this booklet is for you. It will help you plan ahead and think about what may happen in the future.

It’s important to plan ahead because dementia is a progressive condition. This means there may come a time when you find it hard to make decisions for yourself. Planning ahead can also help your family and friends, especially if you become ill or less able to communicate. If they know what you want to happen in the future, they can support your wishes. This booklet explains some of the ways you can plan ahead. 

The booklet also explains some legal documents you can make. It gives advice on organising any paperwork you have about your finances and personal affairs.

There is also a template advance statement at the back of this booklet for you to record your wishes for your care in the future.

After downloading the booklet, you can either:

  • print it out and fill it in by hand
  • save the file to a device and add text electronically.

Photos can only be added by hand once the leaflet is printed.

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2019: 40 pages, A5

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