Living with dementia - Keeping safe at home

We've created nine Living with dementia booklets written for people with dementia. Read the booklet about keeping safe at home. 

Keeping safe at home is one of nine booklets that have been written for people with dementia.

Keeping safe is important for everyone, but it can be more of a concern when you have dementia, especially if you live alone.

There are everyday risks around the home that dementia can make harder to deal with. You may experience:

  • memory problems, such as forgetting to turn things on or off
  • physical difficulties that can make it hard to use stairs or some items of furniture
  • changes in what makes you feel comfortable and secure
  • being confused about using appliances.

There are lots of things you can do to reduce your risk and help with some of the problems you might face. By doing so you can stay safe at home and stay living there for longer.

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