Q and A: Jules Emberton

From the June/July 2018 issue of Dementia together magazine, a 54-year old woman with frontotemporal dementia in Portsmouth answers our questions.

Jules Emberton

Jules Emberton

What’s changed most since your diagnosis?

I get more frustrated now when people aren’t being understanding. Having frontotemporal dementia, your behaviour changes anyway, and if my back’s up about it I can get on my soapbox. My attitude’s changed and everybody else needs to catch up!

What would you take to your desert island?

I’d take my memory box. I made it after my son bought me a Talking photo album from the Society’s online shop. A colleague lost her husband three years ago and had just got around to doing a memory box, but I wanted to make mine while I’m alive. The photos and objects in it help trigger memories.

How has Alzheimer’s Society helped you?

I got a huge list of Alzheimer’s Society publications – all factual, not like anything you’d get by googling. I work in a carpet store, and I’m also getting the Society’s help to make the company more dementia friendly.

What song or tune sums up your life so far?

What a wonderful world, by Louis Armstrong. It’s my favourite song – while it’s quite slow, it’s very uplifting.

What is your most treasured possession?

I haven’t got any material things that I treasure, but I would say my children and grandchildren. I see them every day on FaceTime video calls – they keep me going.

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