An information worker talks about responding to people's concerns about their memory

From the February/March 2016 issue of our magazine, David Latcham, Information Worker in Shropshire, talks about helping people who have concerns about their memory.

As an Information Worker I give talks and run stands to raise dementia awareness, and I've been working with GP practices through Shropshire's Supporting Diagnosis project.

We're helping professionals and the public to increase their understanding so that more people seek and receive the diagnosis they need to access the support they deserve.



I meet lots of people who worry about their memory, and the underlying question is always whether or not their concerns warrant further action.

Some people joke about it ('I've forgotten my wallet, the wife will have to pay!') but behind the humour there is often a fear that slips of memory equate to having dementia. Dispelling this allows anxiety to give way to relief.

I also get people who tell me their more serious worries. I always appreciate their bravery in sharing these with a total stranger, and having the opportunity to point them towards their GP.

For others, even admitting there's something wrong is too much, so they hide their worry but are still inquisitive. Explaining dementia plainly and simply can help them to recognise things in themselves and start moving forward.

Our Worried about your memory? resources are invaluable as I speak to people to help their understanding of dementia and the steps they can take to act upon their concerns.



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