Insight and ideas from Dementia together magazine readers on what interests them

Vivienne Egan, Audience Researcher, shares feedback from this year’s survey of Dementia together magazine readers. 

At Alzheimer’s Society, we need the input and ideas of the people we support and those who support us. My team helps to make sure the organisation uses these to make the best decisions that we can. 

Readers of Dementia together magazine have a unique insight into our work, and we want to share the magazine’s articles in a way that’s as clear, thorough and engaging as possible. 

Earlier this year, we surveyed over 400 of you about what you think we’re getting right, as well as what we could do better.

Vivienne Egan

What do you want from a magazine? 

How can we tell if our magazine is doing things right? We know it adds value to our readers’ lives in many ways, small and large. This could be by informing, entertaining or by reassuring someone that they’re not alone. 

Over three in four readers feel better informed about dementia having read the magazine, and that support is available to them when times are difficult. 

We want our readers to feel connected with each other too, particularly people who are living with dementia and their family and friends. 

Although nine in 10 told us they’d recommend the magazine to others with an interest in the cause, we want this to be 10 out of 10. Our readers gave us several ideas for how to make that happen. 

What do you want to talk about? 

Over half of people who have a relative or friend with dementia told us the magazine encouraged them to take actions that helped their situation. 

However, there’s demand for us to further explore topics such as the realities of rarer forms of dementia, navigating the broken care system, and the support that’s available in a post-lockdown society. 

Beyond care, readers want to know more about the world of dementia research – ongoing projects and breakthroughs as well as opportunities to become involved in these themselves. 

It’s not just what we say, it’s how we say it. As some of our survey respondents noted, dementia is tough and we should not downplay its impact on people’s lives. 

We need to show the world how people live positively and productively with dementia, while still voicing the real struggles and obstacles they can face. 

What’s in store, and where? 

Readers are keen to hear more real-life experiences of dementia from a range of perspectives – people with dementia and their relatives, friends and carers, as well as care and research professionals. 

Of course, it’s not only a case of creating insightful, quality content that strikes the right tone – we want everyone who could benefit from the magazine to see and read it.

Survey respondents said they’d like to see print magazines in more places such as clinic waiting rooms and libraries. 

The magazine team will use these findings to make sure Dementia together’s impact and reach continues to grow, and of course your feedback is always welcome. Email the team at [email protected]

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