Sir Tony Robinson: 'Don't let dementia decide your family's future...'

Find out why Sir Tony Robinson has chosen to leave a gift to Alzheimer's Society in his Will.

'When dementia took my Mum and Dad from me I made a pledge that I didn’t want my grandchildren to fear going the same way.' 


'We’ve come a long way since Mum, Dad and I and were battling on alone without even a proper diagnosis or any support, but there’s still a mountain to climb.

One in three people born today will develop dementia as they grow older. It fills me with fear that it will, yet again, tear apart the lives of those I dearly love. That’s why I cannot sit back and do nothing.'

How am I supporting Alzheimer's Society?

'Perhaps, like me, you’ve felt powerless in the face of this devastating condition. But times have changed – and I won’t let dementia decide my family’s future.

So I’ve made an important decision of my own: I’m leaving a gift in my Will to Alzheimer’s Society to protect my loved ones.

I’ve done it because we need to speed up the progress being made to prevent, treat or even cure dementia. Leaving this legacy is a way that I can play my part in the Society’s vital work.

Will you please consider making the same decision?'

Why do Alzheimer's Society need your support?

Dementia devastates lives. By 2021, one million of us will have dementia. Two million will have dementia by 2051. But dementia won't win!

Until the day we find a cure, we'll be here for everyone affected by dementia - wherever they are, whatever they're going through. Everything we do is informed and inspired by people affected by dementia.

Everyday, we work tirelessly to find new treatments and, ultimately, a cure for dementia. We provide expert information, training, and support services to all those who need our help. And we are creating a more dementia-friendly society so people with the condition can live without fear and prejudice. 

We have a long term plan to revolutionise the fight against dementia, by vastly increasing research, support and social movement.

Without your kindness our plan would not be possible. By including a gift in your Will to Alzheimer’s Society, no matter the size, you will be helping to realise those plans.

So, please request your free Will guide and leave a legacy that will help create a better world for everyone affected by dementia now and for future generations.

If you’ve already kindly left a gift in your Will to help people with dementia, or considering doing so, please let us know now to help us invest for the future. 

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