Dementia-friendly screenings: Guidance for cinemas

Cinemas have an important part to play in tackling the social and economic impact of dementia, by allowing people living with dementia to continue to see films.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Advice and guidance for arts, heritage and cultural organisations

We need organisations to take action and support people affected by dementia at this difficult time to keep them connected to their culture and their community in new and creative ways. Here are some of the key actions you can do today to make a difference to people’s lives:

  • Distribute printed reminiscence packs to allow people to enjoy activities at home. 
  • Advertise any virtual tours of places, museums or lend out gift DVDs.
  • Host online screenings or showings. 
  • Live stream or televise your planned activities so people can stay active and engaged at home.
  • Reach out to volunteer networks to help you reach people in your community.
  • Signpost for people affected by dementia to our Dementia Connect support line 0333 150 3456  for advice and support.
Dementia-friendly cinema guide

This free resource is full of tips and advice for all cinemas

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People affected by dementia often have to give up the things they love due to inaccessible and unsupportive environments. This includes visiting a cinema. 

Our new cinema guide is designed to help cinemas improve their accessibility and become more dementia-friendly.

What is the Dementia-friendly screenings: A guide for cinemas?

This guide, created in partnership with the UK Cinema Association and the British Film Institute's Film Audience Network, gives best practice advice on how to run dementia-friendly screenings and shares successful case studies.

People living with dementia should be able to live the life they want to lead in their communities, irrespective of their condition. This will only be achieved with greater awareness, understanding, and support for those impacted by dementia. 

By developing an understanding of dementia, cinemas can make a huge difference to people living with dementia.

Who is it for?

Our guide is for cinemas of all sizes.

To find more information and share best practice about local dementia-friendly or relaxed screening, please visit Inclusive Cinema.

Dementia-friendly cinema guide

This free resource is full of tips and advice for all cinemas

Download your copy