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Reviews and complaints in Wales

People's circumstances change, so the services they receive should be reviewed from time to time. If the person with dementia or their carer has a complaint relating to any part of the process, it is best to try to resolve it with the person they have contact with, such as the assessor or social worker.


Financial assessment for carers in Wales

Not everyone will be eligible to have care or support paid for by their local authority. This eligibility for Wales is determined through a financial assessment of the person receiving the care or support.


Carers' assessments in Wales

Anyone who cares for a person with dementia is also entitled to an assessment of their own needs as a carer. This page includes information about getting a carer's assessment in Wales and what to expect and what to do in preparation for the assessment.


Needs assessments in Wales

A needs assessment will determine what care needs a person living with dementia has, and whether the local authority will contribute towards meeting them.