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Vote on the big issues in dementia and we will find a solution

At Alzheimer’s Society, we want to use innovation to solve the biggest problems being faced by people affected by dementia. Choose from eight ideas and have your say on the issues which matter most.

In the Research Innovation team, we are on a mission to create bold and innovative solutions, working alongside people with personal experience of dementia to tackle the biggest challenges.

Our team does things differently, running fast-moving projects to create new products or services that help people as soon as possible.

What is the Innovation Hub?

Life with dementia comes with challenges. We believe innovation can help people affected by dementia by taking on these challenges.

Innovation just means finding new ways to do things, and the Innovation Hub is a new online community to help us do that. The Innovation Hub allows everyone to share their experience with us. Sometimes we’ll ask people to share or vote on challenges, and sometimes we’ll ask people to share or vote for the best solutions.

Hearing from this community of people with real experience helps our team focus on the big issues and find solutions that can change lives.

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What issues can I vote on?

Right now, we are selecting the next challenge for the innovation team to work on. Lots of different challenges were posted on our Innovation Hub, and the top eight have gone through to the next round of voting. 

Now we are asking everyone to vote on these challenges to help us decide which issue to focus on. We’ll use your votes and comments to help us choose which challenge to start working on later this month.

Here we’ve shared some of the challenges suggested by people affected by dementia. 

  • Dressing with dignity

The daughter of a man with Parkinson’s dementia explained how difficult dressing has become. 

The challenge:  To make clothes that are easier to put on and take off, but also look good, incorporating fashion alongside functionality.

  • Refusing help

Another woman described how difficult it can be to support her mum with things like getting out of bed, washing and moving around, especially when her mum doesn’t want to do these things. 

The challenge: To find new ways to help people who care for people with dementia in this way.

  • Helping blind people living with Alzheimer’s disease

A man whose mother has always been blind, and now also has Alzheimer’s disease, shared some of the additional challenges that brings. 

The challenge:  To find ways to help carers who are looking after loved ones who are both blind and living with dementia.

  • Supporting carers who are working

One woman explained the challenges she faced at work when she needed to take time to look after her mother with dementia.

The challenge:  To suggest ways for employers to support people with caring responsibilities and to find ways to support people who are working to cope with these challenges at work.

How can I vote?

We want to know which of these challenges you think our team should work on.

You can read all eight of the challenges and vote for the ones you feel are important on the Innovation Hub.

Vote on the big issues in dementia

Voting will close at 5pm on 11 November 2019 and we will announce the winner shortly after. 

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