Alzheimer's Society urges review of COVID-19 booster roll out in care homes

NHS England's latest vaccination data released today (02/12/21) shows over a quarter of people in care homes have still not received their COVID-19 booster vaccination, despite the government's promise for everyone to be offered the jab by 1 November..

Alzheimer's Society is urging for a review of the COVID-19 booster vaccine roll out in care homes, as fears mount the drive has 'grounded to a halt'  

Gavin Terry, Head of Policy at Alzheimer’s Society said: 

‘We’re still haunted by the absolute devastation inflicted upon care home residents in 2020. Worrying new data showing that over a quarter of people (27.5%) in care homes are yet to have their booster jab is providing further cause for concern.

‘Given the prime minister announced on 15 November that 80% of eligible older people in care homes had received a booster, it’s clear that last month’s data did not provide an accurate picture of what was really happening. The promise to offer jabs to all people living in care homes by 1 November is also now long overdue. 
‘We’re left wondering whether the vaccination drive in care homes has ground to a halt to make way for lower risk groups before the government has met its promise to the most vulnerable.
‘Alzheimer’s Society is calling on the government to review the roll out of boosters in care homes as a matter of urgency, especially in the face of the unknown risks of the new Omicron variant. 
‘We need to see immediate action to ensure that all people living in care homes have the full protection they need in the weeks before Christmas so we don’t see a repeat of last year’s heartbreak.’

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