Standing with people affected by dementia through coronavirus

People affected by dementia have been worst hit by coronavirus. Find out how we’re making sure they are prioritised in recovery plans, and how you can support us. 

“ Living with a diagnosis of dementia means that you wish to retain as much independence and control of your life as you possibly can. That independence and control has been lost due to my lockdown ”
John O Doherty
John O Doherty in Beirut

John was diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2016.

Prior to coronavirus, he was busy: attending meetings, writing, and doing public speaking. Shielding turned his life upside down.

‘I have tried different things to occupy myself,’ says John. ‘Watching television didn't work. After watching 10 minutes of a film or a programme my concentration and poor memory meant I had completely forgotten the plot.’

Will you stand up for people like John?

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What are we campaigning for?

  1. People affected by dementia must be protected from further effects and impact of COVID-19, now and in the future. 
  2. They must have access to the rehabilitation support they need, following a year of interrupted health and social care.
  3. Dementia diagnosis and healthcare planning services should resume, reinstated in a way that is appropriate for people affected by dementia. 

In the UK, people affected by dementia have been hit the hardest by coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has had a severe impact. From the high death rate in care homes, to significant cognitive decline for people who live in the community and rising mental health challenges for unpaid carers. Our fragmented social care system has been exposed for all to see.

In our report, Worst hit: dementia during coronavirus, we shined a light on the impact of coronavirus on people who have dementia and those who care for them.

As society reopens, we want to make sure people affected by dementia, like all of us, can live a fuller and more rewarding life again.

With determination from the Government, we can overcome the backlog in diagnoses and treatments. We can slow the increased progression of dementia symptoms that we have seen over the last year, and preserve for people like John the independence that we all value so much.

Most importantly, we can ensure that never again will those affected by dementia face such adversity or loss due to the failings of the social care system.

What we’ve achieved together

While this year has been tough for people affected by dementia, you have stood up for them and successfully campaigned for:

  • The creation of a social care taskforce with a specific dementia advisory group
  •  The prioritisation of care home residents for vaccinations
  • The expansion of PPE and testing in care homes, including ensuring no hospital patients are discharged into care homes without a negative test
  • A roadmap for care home residents to be allowed regular meaningful visits from loved ones and informal carers
  • The distribution of tablets to care homes to assist with virtual consultations and visits

Stand with those who’ve been worst hit by the pandemic

As lockdown eases, we’ll continue to push the Government to make a commitment of care and recovery to people affected by dementia.

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