Standing with people affected by dementia through coronavirus

People living with dementia are disproportionately affected by coronavirus. Many are over 65, at greater risk of isolation and loneliness, and reliant on the social care system for support. Find out how we're standing with them, and how you can too.

In recent months, we have heard from thousands of people living with dementia who are worried or facing new challanges because of coronavirus. 

We've listened to what you've told us, and will do everything we can to help people affected by dementia through the pandemic. 

Everyone affected by dementia can access support through Dementia Connect and our frontline services. We're also lobbying the Government to make sure any new legislation and guidelines take people affected by dementia into account.

Read on for more about our influencing work, and how you can support our latest campaigns.

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More than ever people affected by dementia must be considered in the decisions made by local and national Government throughout the coronavirus crisis and lockdown period.

We will be campaigning on three issues that people living with dementia and their families have told us they are struggling with most.

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