Labour call for plan to protect care homes - Alzheimer's Society comments

Alzheimer's Society comments on the Labour Party's call for a plan to protect care homes.

The Labour party has warned that the Government has weeks to put a winter care home plan in place or risk a repeat of past mistakes in care homes, following reports of a rise in coronavirus cases in care homes

In a letter to the Government they have called for a plan to protect care homes in five areas:

  1. A guarantee that weekly, rapid testing of care staff will take place
  2. Ensuring all care workers get the PPE they need
  3. Urgent additional support for families and support for families to be able to safely visit care homes
  4. Care homes should be supported by the NHS
  5. Social care must have the additional resources it needs throughout the winter and beyond

Fiona Carragher, Director of Research and Influencing at Alzheimer's Society, comments:
'Make no mistake, the Government must take reports of rising coronavirus cases in care homes very seriously and take the necessary action to save lives.

'The virus was allowed to spread like wildfire through care homes earlier this year, causing utter devastation and thousands of deaths -  people with dementia have been worst hit.'

'It’s good to see MPs pushing for concrete action -  we need guaranteed regular testing and personal protective equipment for all care home staff to be a continuing reality, but also for designated family carers, who are often the only ones able to get their loved ones with dementia to eat, drink or take medicine. They are also best-placed to spot any changes that might indicate coronavirus symptoms or help them articulate any issues.

'The widespread calls for a comprehensive Government action plan to repair our stretched and struggling social care system must be progressed so that we can care for the most vulnerable in our society throughout this pandemic.'