Families living with dementia deserve better - Alzheimer's Society responds to the Care Quality Commission's State of Care report

The Care Quality Commissions (CQC)'s annual assessment of the state of health and social care in England launches Friday 21 October 2022, looking at quality of care over the past year. 

Gavin Terry, Head of Policy at Alzheimer’s Society, said:

'The CQC’s report today paints a shocking but sadly not surprising picture of the current state of care in this country. A gridlocked system, a workforce at breaking point and a lack of long-term planning and investment is failing people living with dementia, by far the biggest users of social care.  
'We heard reports earlier this week that Government is set to delay a flagship element of its social care reform agenda – the care cap - but this report lays bare how urgently Government must prioritise fixing this broken system.

Not investing in social care is a false economy which simply piles pressure and pounds onto other areas of healthcare, from people living with dementia rushed to A&E due to a lack of support, to hospital beds filled with people waiting for care in the community.   

'Families living with dementia deserve better. They need support from a workforce that’s supported to have the knowledge, skills and understanding to provide high-quality dementia care. Instead, we have an overstretched and under-resourced workforce where hard-working staff struggle to deliver good, safe care.

'With the average care worker earning just £9.50 an hour, it’s no wonder vacancies sit at a staggering 165,000, and are expected to rise further without action to address the root causes.

'The Government’s £5.4bn for social care over three years doesn’t even scratch the surface of what is needed. We need long-term sustainable investment, better pay, mandatory training on dementia and a ten-year People Plan to ensure the social care workforce is suitably skilled, supported and sustainable.'

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