PM announces first major mission of the ageing grand challenge

Today, on the first day of Dementia Action Week (21 May 2018), Prime Minister Theresa May announced the first major mission of the Ageing Grand Challenge.

In response to the Prime Minister's announcement on the first major mission of the Ageing Grand Challenge Jeremy Hughes, Chief Executive of Alzheimer Society, said: “This announcement is ideally timed, at the start of Dementia Action Week, highlighting the importance of Government addressing dementia and the ageing population urgently.

There are 850,000 people with dementia in the UK today – this number is set to rise to 1 million by 2021 and the majority will be over the age of 65. Many people have to fight for months to even receive a diagnosis – which is essential to help them get the support and care they need.

The Prime Minister has today recognised that harnessing the power of research, technology and charities together, we can make a step change in dementia understanding, care and support. Her announcement today provides new hope to people affected by dementia not just in the UK but also through our global leadership.