New resource for people with learning disabilities

Care and cure magazine - Winter 2015

A new research-based booklet that aims to help people with learning disabilities to understand dementia has been published.

Jenny’s diary is the result of a study by Dr Karen Watchman at the University of the West of Scotland. Her findings showed that some people with learning disabilities may struggle to understand what dementia is or the changes that are happening to them or their loved one.

Jenny’s diary, which was funded by Alzheimer’s Society, also makes use of previous research by Dr Irene Tuffrey-Wijne at St George’s, University of London, about the best way to discuss bad news with people with learning disabilities.

This booklet is especially important as people with learning disabilities, particularly Down’s syndrome, may be at higher risk of developing dementia at an early age. It features postcards with different everyday scenarios to highlight the impact of dementia and suggested strategies for support.

For more information and to download a copy of Jenny’s diary, please go