Driving and dementia – useful organisations

Here you will find a list of other useful organisations that may offer more information about driving and dementia.

Useful organisations

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA)
Drivers’ Medical Enquiries
Swansea SA99 1TU
0300 790 6806 (8am–7pm Monday–Friday, 8am–2pm
The DVLA looks after the database of drivers in Great Britain,
and a database of vehicles in the UK. Search ‘Form CG1’ on their
website to find the medical questionnaire.

Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA)
Driver Licensing Enquiries
County Hall
Castlerock Road
Coleraine BT51 3TB
0300 200 7861 (9am–5pm Monday–Friday)
[email protected]

The DVA manages the licensing and testing of vehicles and
drivers in Northern Ireland

Driving Mobility centres
Driving Mobility is a network of driving assessment centres
across the UK.
Enter your postcode to find a centre near you at

You can also call 0800 559 3636. If you call from a mobile, this
goes to the Driving Mobility Head Office. They will give you
contact details for your nearest Driving Mobility centre. Calls
from a landline will divert to your nearest centre automatically.

Review information

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Our information is based on evidence and need, and is regularly updated using quality-controlled processes. It is reviewed by experts in health and social care and people affected by dementia. 

Reviewed by: Dr Paul Donaghy, Consultant in Old Age Psychiatry, Gateshead Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and Intermediate Clinical Fellow, Newcastle University

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