Puzzles from the latest Dementia together magazine

Take a break and print out these puzzles to try from April/May’s Dementia together magazine (answers will be in the following magazine).


This spring-themed puzzle from Pete Middleton brings you animals, flowers and perhaps even a spot of rain. Every clue contains the answer in an anagram – how many can you solve?



3 Nigel’s prancing around tidying the house (6,8)
6 Doffs dial to reveal Welsh national flowers (9)
9 Perhaps gross, but these little insects hop around at springtime (12)
10 Filter tubes that feed on nectar (10)
11 Slew blue blood in an idyllic spot (8,4)
12 PM Rings labs for woolly newborns (6,5)


1 Bar wino may lead to a pot of gold (7)
2 Kids clung to these fluffy baby water birds (9)
3 Dry log fan found flying around near a pond or river (9)
5 War-horse lips provide rainy interludes (5,7)
7 Trial parcel contains a creepy-crawly (11)
8 Rum labels may keep you dry in a shower (9) 

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Six mix

Try this puzzle from a recent Brain Workout puzzle pack. Write each answer in a clockwise direction around its clue number in the grid.

We’ve included some letters to help you get started. When you’ve finished, the central blue hexagons will reveal a tree.

Six mix puzzle

1 (Of time) pass or go by 
2 Spoil, indulge 
3 Fully-grown 
4 Small piece of meat similar to a chop 
5 Notice the presence of 
6 Come to rest 

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