Brain Workout

Keep your brain active with our monthly Brain Workout puzzles delivered straight to your door. 

What is Brain Workout? 

Brain Workout is a fun way to keep your brain active while also supporting those living with dementia.

By signing up to Brain Workout, you can choose how much you wish to give on a monthly basis and in return you'll receive a pack of mind stimulating puzzles straight to your door every month! With a different set of puzzles in every pack like cryptic crosswords or tricky number puzzles, there's plenty to keep your brain on its toes, all while supporting a vital cause. 

Your donation will go towards improving the lives of those affected by dementia, from funding lifeline services to funding world leading research into dementia. Find out more about how your gift helps to create lasting change

How does it work? 

To start receiving your monthly Brain Workout packs, simply click on the 'sign up' button at the top or bottom of this page. You'll be directed to our secure donation page where you can choose your regular monthly donation amount to Alzheimer's Society by Direct Debit. Once you've done this, we'll post you out your first pack within 7-10 days, and then every month after on your selected Direct Debit date. 

How do we decide on what puzzles to include? 

Every month we offer a different set of puzzles to keep your mind challenged and occupied. With so many options to choose from we pick them based on three main categories; word, number and logic puzzles. We partner with the amazing folks at Take a Break Puzzle magazines to ensure you get a variety from each category every month. Take a Break have been producing puzzles for over 30 years, so we know your brain is in safe hands.

Here's a taster of the sort of puzzles you can expect to find in your Brain Workout pack: 

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Once you sign up, we'll send you a welcome pack in the post with your first puzzles and then every month after that.

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