You can help make dementia a priority for local decision-makers

Speaking to local candidates and representatives about dementia, whether or not you have local elections soon.

We need to change how dementia services are funded and delivered locally as well as nationally.

This means working with local stakeholders like councillors, directors of adult social care and others. 

Our campaigners – people like you – ensure local decision-makers understand why they need to prioritise better health and social care.

Local campaigning is always important, and this May’s local elections in parts of England and Wales provide an opportunity to make dementia a priority for all candidates. 

Raising the profile of dementia

Emily Wilson, in North Belfast, wants better services, particularly for young-onset dementia

Emily says, ‘My husband had Dementia with Lewy bodies. First, he struggled to get a diagnosis, and then he was misdiagnosed. 

Because he was in his early 50s, no one thought he could have dementia. I want to raise the profile of dementia when it comes to politics.

Emily Wilson

Emily says the impact you can have is amazing.

Big impact 

Emily says that anyone can make a difference by speaking to their local candidates and elected representatives. 

‘We need to make them aware not only of the scale of the problem, but the scale of the problem to come.’ 

Emily recalls meeting her MP and him remembering the letter she’d written him using a template on Alzheimer's Society’s website. 

Even though it might be something very simple, the impact we can have is amazing.

Ask your local candidates and elected representatives:

  • Dementia is the UK’s leading cause of death and one in three of those living with dementia do not receive a diagnosis. Will dementia be a priority for you and your party? 
  • Dementia can affect every aspect of a person’s life. How will you create a more inclusive, accessible community for people living with dementia? 
  • Carers face significant mental and financial strain, with many in the UK experiencing poor mental health. Is this something you will work to address? 
  • There is currently a postcode lottery for dementia care in the UK. How will you work with people living with dementia to make dementia a priority? 
  • Dementia diagnosis rates vary depending on where a person lives. Will you commit to working with people living with dementia to ensure fair access to diagnosis, support and treatments
  • Will you join the Alzheimer’s Society Councillor Network

Sharing your own experiences of dementia helps to get across its real-life impact. 

Your local politicians are there to represent you. You can also ask them to take on an issue you’ve faced and to respond with information or a resolution. 

Become a campaigner

Join our 85,000-strong community of campaigners. 

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Dementia together magazine is for all Alzheimer’s Society supporters and anyone affected by the condition.
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