Why should I consider making an advance decision or advance statement?

This page outlines some of the benefits of making an advance decision or advance statement to plan ahead.

There are a number of reasons why you may wish to make an advance decision or advance statement:

  • It can be reassuring to know that you will not be given treatment in the future that you do not want.
  • It ensures your views and wishes are taken into account.
  • It can help to start conversations about your future care with doctors and nurses that you may not have otherwise.
  • It can also help to prompt discussions with your family about your wishes, and what you would like to happen in the future.
  • It can take difficult decisions away from your family, who otherwise may be asked by doctors for information about your wishes and values without having specific guidance from you.

More information on planning ahead

For more information on planning for the future and a sample template for
an advance statement, read our booklet on planning ahead.

Read the booklet
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