Paying for care and support in Northern Ireland

Paying for social care can be a concern for many people. Read about the various ways to pay for social care in Northern Ireland, and the amount someone might be expected to pay.

Who pays for care?

Many people with dementia will need care and support as their condition progresses. This is often a mix of care from family, friends and professionals.

Paid care can take a number of different forms, including providing personal care at home, helping someone get dressed or at meal-times, and supporting them to get to work or go shopping.

Care may be provided in a person's own home or in a day centre or care home.

Health and social care (HSC) trusts

In Northern Ireland, health and social care services are provided by five Health and social care trusts, each covering a specific area of the country. 

Learn what services may need to be paid for, the different payments the HSC trust can provide in order for people to receive these services, and who is entitled to them.

The information provided is for people living in Northern Ireland, and is not intended for England or Wales, where the laws are different. 

Live in England or Wales?

This information is for people living in Wales and is not intended for those in England and Wales, where the laws are different. Select from the options below for information about care costs where you live. 

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