Get involved in Dementia Action Week at work

20 - 26 May is Dementia Action Week – a week that unites individuals, workplaces and the wider community to take action and improve the lives of people living with dementia. Here we have some ideas for taking part at your workplace.

DAW fundraisers

Whether you work at a bank, supermarket, local shop, leisure centre or any other business, you can help make your community a more inclusive place to live for people affected by dementia.

Below are some suggestions to get your workplace inspired to take action on dementia. You can also download or print our Dementia Action Week guide for workplaces for even more tips and inspiration.

Dementia Action Week guide for workplaces - PDF

Get inspired to take part in Dementia Action Week. Print or download our guide, including tips for putting on an event and details of the materials we have available to order.

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5 ways to take part in Dementia Action Week at work

1. Organise an information stand at your workplace

Order our free materials to display and give away to educate people about dementia and the simple ways they can help make the community a more inclusive place to live.

2. Run a Dementia Friends Information Session for your staff

A fun, free and interactive way for your workplace to learn more about dementia and how it affects people. With a better understanding, you can become a Dementia Friend and provide a better and more inclusive service to people affected by dementia. Led by a volunteer Dementia Friends Champion, the Session will last around 45-60 minutes.

3. Hold an open day for people affected by dementia

Having a dementia-specific open day will help show that your business is inclusive for people affected by dementia. Invite your local care home or Alzheimer’s Society service along. It’s a great way to get the full community involved, have that conversation around dementia and understand the positive impact you can have on the lives of those affected.

4. Quiet hours for people affected by dementia

If you’re a supermarket, pub, cinema or any other customer facing business, why not have quiet hours on a specific day so that your business can be more inclusive and dementia-friendly? Loud music and bright lights can cause stress for people living with dementia, so just by turning these down and having things like a slow lane at checkouts you can create a better shopping experience.

5. Fundraise

We have plenty of ideas to help you fundraise during the Week. From bucket collecting, hosting a quiz to testing out your baking skills. The vital money you raise will fund ground-breaking research and help us to support everyone affected by dementia.

Register your Dementia Action Week event and order materials

Fill out a short form to register your event for Dementia Action Week 2019. You can also order materials such as posters, flyers and booklets.

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