Your answers: Lockdown worries

Members of our online community, Talking Point, share worries about the long-term impact of coronavirus on people with dementia and their carers.

avut says,

‘At the start of lockdown, I thought I would sink but decided to swim. I did that by focusing on each day and not looking ahead. My other half has Lewy body dementia and has deteriorated during lockdown.

‘It would be so easy to give in but whenever I think of the future, I remember my mantra: focus on today, tomorrow will take care of itself. This life is tough, don’t be too hard on yourself.’

Sarasa says,

‘Don't forget to look after you. You are important too.’

Sarah1208 says,

‘It’s a really tough time. I only found Talking Point a few days ago and honestly reading other people’s stories has helped massively.

‘When I am feeling low, I just read a few more posts and it gives me so much comfort. I only wish I had found it sooner.’

Talking Point
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Whisperer says,

‘Do not judge yourself by how others appear to be doing. No one wishes to be a carer, we would much prefer our loved ones were well. 

‘We all have different personalities, skills, experiences and tread different roads in terms of the caring we do. Your situation is unique, you are unique. 

‘It is time to start appreciating what you have done, what it has cost you emotionally, physically, etc. Stop the music of guilt in your head and put yourself first. Please take care and be gentle with yourself.’

Grahamstown says,

‘It’s lucky that we have a forum where we can express these feelings. I do feel so sorry for all who are still caring for your loved ones, but I am suffering from compassion fatigue now, and I don’t believe the general public are well served by the media for good mental health during this frightening crisis.

‘It’s bad enough looking after a sick person, let alone cope with the fear. 

‘I don’t watch much news now, but you cannot avoid it all. I would definitely advise not to watch the news except for important information about what to do.

‘Even that is upsetting because a) it’s not very clear and b) doesn’t apply to most people posting on here.’

imthedaughter says,

‘Please utilise the shared Talking Point “virtual guilt monster”-bashing stick, it’s self-cleaning and antibacterial and can help keep that guilt monster at bay!’

JGDMG says,

‘Take care of yourself and try and fill the extra time you have with something that will keep you busy.’  

Anon says,

‘If you start getting too worried about it, have a news holiday for a day or two. No news on the internet, radio, TV.

‘Do something relaxing instead like reading a book or doing hobbies.’  

What advice would you give for supporting a person with dementia who’s feeling confused by changes to lockdown rules? 

Let us know by 31 August 2020 so we can share it in our next magazine.

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Dementia together magazine is for everyone in the dementia movement and anyone affected by the condition.
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