Social withdrawal and dementia

Read about how dementia can cause social withdrawal in some people with dementia.

Sometimes a person with dementia will stop taking part in activities or conversation as much as they used to, or at all. This can happen when a person is aware that they are finding certain things more difficult to do. For example, they might keep losing the thread of conversations or have trouble expressing themselves.

They may also find too much stimulation distressing, such as being in a noisy room with lots of people. People with dementia may also become more withdrawn over time as they socialise or communicate less.

It’s important that they still have opportunities to take part in less stimulating activities that they enjoy. Try searching our dementia directory for local social groups.

Withdrawal can also be caused by depression or apathy

Supporting a person with dementia who has depression, anxiety or apathy

Read our information on the effects of depression, anxiety and apathy on a person with dementia, and suggests ways to support people with these conditions.

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