WHO guidelines on risk reduction of cognitive decline and dementia – Alzheimer’s Society comment

The WHO is launching their first guidelines on risk reduction of cognitive decline and dementia.

These include recommendations around;

  • Physical activity interventions
  • Tobacco cessation interventions
  • Social activity
  • Weight management

Fiona Carragher, Chief Policy and Research Office at Alzheimer’s Society, said:

'Dementia is the biggest health challenge of our generation, so the WHO’s clear commitment to spearheading the global fight against the condition through a public health approach is to be welcomed.'

'It’s estimated a third of dementia cases could be prevented, and this report provides the best available prevention advice. But there’s still a lot of work to do - every three seconds someone in the world develops dementia, and there’s still a lack of firm evidence on how exactly we should tackle the many risk factors of dementia. That’s why we’re funding the UK’s largest study focused on mid-life dementia risk factors to begin to address this evidence gap.

'Policy-makers and governments across the globe should take on board WHO’s recommendations and prevention advice. They must also unite in supporting further research to develop more specific, personalised risk reduction advice.'