Regular problem-solving does not protect against mental decline - Alzheimer's Society comment

Read our comment regarding the recent news that problem-solving games may not protect against a decline in mental capacity.

Dr James Pickett, Head of Research at Alzheimer’s Society, said:

'Of all the diseases in the UK dementia is now the biggest killer, so exploring potential factors which could reduce the risk of developing this devastating condition is fundamental to beating it.

Although playing ‘brain games’ such as Sudoku may not prevent dementia, it has been shown that regularly challenging yourself mentally seems to build up the brain’s ability to cope with disease.

'We know that what is good for the heart is good for the head. There are other ways we can reduce our risk of developing dementia by taking steps towards a healthy lifestyle, eating a balanced diet, avoiding smoking and heavy drinking, and exercising regularly.

'Alzheimer’s Society recently launched the brain game app ‘GameChanger’, which won’t reduce the risk of dementia but through playing it, it can help build an understanding of cognitive changes and the difference between cognitive decline and dementia.

'Research will beat dementia and eventually the GameChanger project could find people who are showing early signs of cognitive decline and get them involved in studies and trials to hopefully stop them developing dementia.'

Learn about GameChanger

A new research project is looking for people who don’t have dementia to play smartphone games to help improve how the condition is diagnosed, researched and treated.

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