Dental care

10. Other useful organisations

All Wales Special Interest Group / Oral Health Care (SIG)

An advisory group of special care dentists and dental care professionals working in the Community Dental Service and Hospital Dental Service in Wales. The website includes advice and resources for the public.

Business Services Organisation (Northern Ireland)

0300 555 0113

Provides a range of regional business support functions and specialist professional services to the health and social care sector in Northern Ireland. The website includes lists of all registered dentists in Northern Ireland.

British Society of Gerodontology (BSG) (contact form)

Aims to protect, maintain and improve the oral health of older people. It provides advice and guidance for the public on its website.

NHS Choices (find services)

NHS Choices is a comprehensive information service that helps to put people in control of their healthcare. The website offers advice and information on NHS services in England, including a directory of dentists.

NHS Direct Wales

0845 4647

NHS Direct Wales is a health advice and information service available 24 hours a day, every day. The website includes a section on how to find information on dental practices in Wales.

More information and resources

Last reviewed: January 2015
Next review due: January 2018

Reviewed by: Dr Janet Griffiths, former Specialist in Special Care Dentistry and Dr Vicki Jones, Consultant in Special Care Dentistry

This information has also been reviewed by people affected by dementia. A list of sources is available on request from

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