International activity

3. Creating a dementia-friendly generation

50 million people live with dementia worldwide, and this is set to increase to 75 million by 2030. As this number grows, more and more people will know someone affected by dementia. Younger people are no exception to this. So how do you explain dementia to a young person? And why is it important to do so?

At Alzheimer’s Society we commit to helping to create a global dementia-friendly generation in the UK and we’re also sharing our resources with partners for young people worldwide.

You can view our resources, from school toolkits, Dementia Friends activities, and factsheets on our creating a dementia-friendly generation page.

Our latest resource, ‘Memories with Grandma’ is an animation for 7 – 11 year olds which can be used to reduce the stigma and social isolation that unfortunately exists across the globe. It can also be used to create Dementia Friends. Check out our Global Dementia Friends map to see if you have a Dementia Friends programme in your country.

If you live outside of the UK and would like to request and view our resources, please contact:

If you live within the UK please visit our creating a dementia-friendly generation page.