Promoting mobility for people with dementia: A problem-solving approach

This definitive book written by Rosemary Oddy provides advice, strategies for success and practical tips for healthcare professionals and carers to help people with dementia maintain skills to remain mobile

Remaining physically active can impact on the well-being of someone with dementia in a number of ways. This can include their ability to carry on living independently and take part in aspects of daily living as well as the opportunity to share activities.

It is an essential resource for physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nursing and care staff working with people with dementia. However, the case studies, helpful tips and illustrations provide guidance for anyone working with or caring for people with dementia.

The contents of the book are as follows:

  • About the author
  • About the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • Dementia and mobility
  • Making communication easier
  • Non-verbal communication and movement strategies
  • Managing fear
  • Making assistance more effective
  • The environment
  • Planning for success
  • Making the most of touch
  • Seeking professional help
  • Exercise
  • Summing up
  • Relaxation routine
  • Strategies for specific situations
  • Useful contacts
  • References
  • Further reading
  • Index
  • Appendices

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