Useful reading for people who are new to caring for someone with dementia

Helpful books and guides if you’re supporting a relative or friend who has dementia. 

Updated guide

Our newly updated 188-page Caring for a person with dementia: A practical guide was reviewed by people with lived experience. They advised on what has and would have been most helpful to them in their own caring roles.

Caring for a person with dementia: A practical guide

How to help 

A handbook written by two psychologists that provides a useful, holistic and relationship-centred understanding of dementia for carers. 

How to Help Someone with Dementia: A practical handbook, by Michelle Hamill and Martina McCarthy (Welbeck 2022), 192 pages, £10.99, ISBN: 9781789563016. Also available as an ebook. 

How to Help Someone with Dementia

The basics 

A clear, compassionate and accessible guide written by an academic, a person living with dementia and a family carer.

Dementia: The Basics, by Anthea Innes, Lesley Calvert and Gail Bowker (Routledge 2020), 180 pages, £16.99, ISBN 9781138897762. Also available as an ebook. 

Dementia: The Basics

Other helpful resources: 



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What a fantastic handbook to have by your side whilst caring for a loved one or friend 🥰 I had to learn the hard way and fast whilst caring for my mum over10 years, fortunately I was able to give mum a full and happy life, but it was never easy and self care never occurred to me. Mum will always be in my heart and I have fond and happy memories of our precious time together ❤️ Thank you Martina and Michelle for this brilliant handbook, it is a true godsend for carers and loved ones!
These common sense, experienced guides bolster confidence for carers. Relatively simple, straightforward, common sense notes enable assistance as well as understanding for the helper. It takes the mystique out of the situation. Wouldn't be without one! It has made my life easier through the last three years,'caring' for my wife, after she had looked after me for 50 years as well as producing two champion daughters in the process. Now it is my turn to step up to the mark. Thank you.
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